Something sweet and different

If you're tired of the same old fast food and expensive restaurants in Las Vegas, then you may want to consider Ronald’s Donuts, especially if you have a sweet tooth. This small hole-in-the-wall donut shop makes fresh donuts every day. You can find almost every type of donut you can imagine. Ronald’s donut shop has become very popular over the last few years because it claims to make the best vegan donuts in the city (not sure if this is true, but vegans are crazy about the place).

Ronald’s donut store opens up early in the morning (5am) and closes around 4pm (2pm on Sunday). Varieties of donuts you can buy include sugar-coated, honey glazed, maple, chocolate, cinnamon bun, apple twist, and many more. To make the donuts even more appetizing, you can also buy different types of beverages, including thai tea, coffee, almond milk ice cream, and regular juices.

The one major negative about Ronald’s donut shop is that there are no labels. Sometimes the first two top rows are said to be vegan, and on other days it is the bottom two rows- you hope the owner never mixes them up?

The donuts are fresh, tasty, and there is a wide selection. Plus, the donuts are reasonably priced. So if you love a sweet treat, then this is the place to visit. However, you better come between 8am and 12pm; any later and most of the donuts are sold out. 

Ronald’s donut shop is located in a small strip mall in Chinatown, located just West of the Las Vegas Strip. It is a good 20-30 min walk to this place from most casinos, so I recommend that you come by car. Plus, you can explore some of Chinatown.