Expensive topless pool

Many visitors come to Vegas looking for much more excitement than just gambling, entertainment, and dining. The allure of beautiful people is on the mind of many who come here. Over the past few years, going topless around the pool is common at some of the exclusive hotels and one of them is the Bare Pool Lounge at the Mirage.

Bare Pool offers women a chance to go topless, which is a huge reason why the place attracts so many men. 

Now the facts:

On any given day, there are more men than women, and on some days, there will be no women at all. The women who do appear topless are just a few and more often than not, they are already with another male.  Only rarely is the ratio of men to women the same.

Bare Pool is a small pool, and because of the small size, it quickly gets congested over the weekends. And the place has nowhere to sit and relax- unless you pay for the daybeds or cabanas. The cabanas can cost anywhere from $2,000-$3,000 for the day; the daybeds start around $100 and go up to $250. The good thing is that the daybeds are usually available for a minimum food and beverage purchase. This means if you buy a minimum of $50 worth of food, the day bed is free for a specified amount of time. And the food is not cheap-burgers and fries alone cost $30-$40 and beers start at $8. 

The atmosphere at Bare Pool is not luxurious; most of the staff are busy and only cater to big tippers. Because some women may be topless, you can't use your cellphone or take pictures around the pool. Plus, there is a dress code; if you dress like a bum, you won't even be allowed inside. The name of the game is money- people who spend more money are generally well looked after.

The Bare Pool Lounge is open Monday to Sunday from 11 am to 5 pm and depending on the day you go, there is an entrance fee of $20-$40 for men. Women get to go free if they have a pass or pay $10.

The biggest positive about the Bare Pool Lounge is that there are no kids.