Las Vegas isn’t called Sin City for no reason! In fact, the adult entertainment industry and the number of mature shows that feature sensual storylines and sexuality in abundance are particularly well-known (and loved!) features of Las Vegas. Here’s a list of the five sexiest shows you can see when partying in Vegas!

2. Magic Mike

Magic Mike

Magic Mike is a staple of Sin city. This one, however, is geared more towards the ladies than anything else. One might even suggest that it 's essentially a live stripping performance, and they wouldn’t be wrong. But, with years of success, this light-hearted show about the life of male strippers in Vegas has cemented its position as an absolute must-see, especially for women. Most often, it is included in plans for a bachelorette party and rightly so - It features a number of different male models, strippers and personalities who partake in erotic, funny and raunchy acts, with an action-oriented story that actually pauses to let the audience “thank” them with dollar bills!